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May 27, 2007

Ok this is the story I want to tell. Ermmm but how to start ah? Ok ok.. Simple saja. Few months back, there were a group of new recruits joining our organisation. As usual, as a first day induction, they were taken to each and every department for some sort of a familiarisation visit or whatever you wanna call it. These recruits comprised of 2 boys and 4 girls. Honestly I haven't been mingling with any recruits since Amal's batch and I'm kinda too busy to mingle with any.

I was in my boss's room when they came for a visit. Suddenly my colleague stormed in and said to me, "Come to our office, you gotta see this." So yea I went, the moment I stepped in, I was dumbstruck for a while when I saw one of the girls. She's got such a close resemblance with none other than my beloved late Amy. Her skin, shape of her face, her lips, her eyes, her hairdo. I'd say 85% resemblance, of course late Amy is much more sweeter in a way.

Not only she looks almost the same, she inherits the quiet and shy behaviour of late Amy too. My God! The way she smile, the way she giggled. I feel as if Amy has sent someone to replace her. This new girl's name is Ayu. A name which explains the person herself. It's not that I wanna fall in love with her though, but she's engaged, that does not stop us from being good friends. In fact amongst her batch mates, I am closest to her. We would chat on MSN or texts if she's around, or meet up when she drops by the office.

Well, it's great to have Ayu as a friend, as good as having the late Amy as my friend. I know the more I look at Ayu, the more I will miss Amy. When Ayu dropped by last week, I can see her smile from a distance, really! She does look like Amy. When we chat, at times she expressed her grievance about her overzealous fiance, but hey.. relationships do get complicated sometimes yea. And I'm more than happy to be a pair of ears for a friend.

Posted at 02:40 am by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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May 23, 2007
sAme oL Me

Hello people, I've been re-visitting this blog and it kinda makes me smile when I read back the story of my life for the past 2 years. While some entry kinda made me soft especially those about my dearest departed friend, the late Amy. So I guess this blog should serve as a journal if I feel like flashbacking through the bitter sweet happenings in my life.

Once in a while I might update this if I feel like it, I dunno if I still have my loyal readers here but nevertheless, I will still engrave some significant events right here. Well, there's nothing much interesting actually. I'm still with the same job. Projects coming up and will share with you guys about it.

With this new project, I made lots of new friends to share interests with. Also unofficially elected few models with whom I establish good rapport with. My dealing with clients are not limited to a coffee table discussion, instead it went as far as establishing a good friendship with them. After all, ain't that what customer services was supposed to be?

More time are spent in front of pc and internet. My MSN contacts and phonebook are filled with my  clients. I thought of quitting MSN but I guess it's just a user-friendly and economical way of communicating with people. While my peers at work continues to make the workplace a lovely place to work at, the bosses are still with their usual politics. Oh well, same thing everyday, day in day out.

Good to have new faces at the workplace and they're just what we need, people with the same mind set, people who has the sense of fun despite some age differences. I hope this will last, who cares about the bosses anyway? As long as we have wonderful peers around us right? It feels good to have lovely people stepping into our lives. I still have the usual lanun friends except that we haven't been doing the coffee chill out lately. Perhaps some occasional breakfast on Saturday mornings. My budd Amal is still the same good buddy as always, except we didn't see much of each other since she moved to KB. Sad that we're no longer neighbours.

Chat friends, none other than Reenz, someone who knows a lot about me inside and out, especially what happened in my life. Haven't chat much with her lately though, perhaps due to geographical location and the time difference of 8 hours. Also there's the ever kambang Byl, my bitching partner. Also didn't really chat much with her lately, but I know both Reenz and Byl will always be my good friend. My models are also there to chat with, the usual bitching and gossiping. Yes men can bitch too ya know!

Also there's Eza, someone from a multimedia firm to whom I sell my products too. Business is not limited to business for us, in fact she became a good chat mate especially when comes to talking about our favourite music. And she's beautiful too, but I think she's taken huhuhu :)

Now there is one person I wanna talk about, someone who reminds me the late Amy. But I'm kinda sleepy now. Till next time...

Posted at 01:22 am by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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Mar 17, 2007
uPdAte 2007

Heh! Its March 2007 already meh, my last entry was like November 2006? December 2006? I dunno if anybody's gonna read this or not, I bet most of my patrons must have forgotten about this site. Hahah, well I'm still alive and kicking. I've been busy with other new projects but I guess I'll take few minutes to flashback to this old blog. Hell yea it feels good to read back and remember the good and bad ol' times. I laughed and smiled reading back at my old posts. After all, this is what a blog is supposed to do right? It serves the purpose of a journal, diary or whatever you wanna call it, only that it's online and open to the public to read.

Well nothing much changed, my projects so far doing good and hoping to get some income soon. By all means, anything for money! Can't rely on my salary saja. Kerja teruk but underpaid, I need to find extra source, halal source. And with this project, I met new friends, the establishment getting stronger and stronger. As for old friends, they're still there, still the wonderful people I know. Occasionally meeting them up for coffee or something, and share the usual jokes and stories.

Office environment, so far so good, we've got our new clerk. One hot mom with 2 kids, orang yang nda pernah melawat our office pun now start udah melawat. Haha bukannya banar tu their intention. Some even asked why don't I flirt with her. I was like WTF?! First, I'm not that crazy to flirt with someone's wife. Gila kali! Secondly, I'm not the type who courts office mates. Kalau udah satu ofis atu, they're like my family, lawa pebaik nda tah ku beliur tu. Darn!

Now speaking of my boss(es). Yes we now have 2 bosses and they're not in the same mind path. One says this, the other says that. Yang matinya me and my colleague. Bigger boss plays chess, our immediate 2 bosses became warriors. Gajah begusti kami tepihit. politics really suxx. This is why I really wanna work alone, have my own company or something, sendiri boss, sendiri kuli. When? I hope soon.

My chat friends, they're still around, still my good chat friends, Reenz, Nabilah kambangz, still as kambang as she ever was and is and will be. Met new chat friends as we speak, not to mention those I met in real life and became chat friends. Communication is important, can't live without internet, furthermore my projects are mainly internet based.

Moneywise, I've been spending a lot for my projects, let's just see what's the return for this investment. Early stage lah katakan. Girls wise? ehehehehe.. malas lah nak cakap. I'm just so indulged with my business project.

Hope I can update as often as before... ciao

Posted at 11:26 pm by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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Nov 29, 2006
Happy Birthday Budd!

Happy birthday to my one and only dearest best buddy Amal yang paling kambang sekali di dunia. Haha.. too bad both of us are worlds apart on this wonderful day, you're in mid-east and I'm in Indonesia, but I do hope you're having a great time on your birthday wherever you are. And I hope you received my text yea. Sorry I don't have roses and a bunny this year coz my rose plant kena bird flu.. Apakanz! But I have just one very special gift for you i.e. my prayers so that Allah bestow you with all the good things in life, grant your wish, a bright future, a true love and a promising career.

With love and care from your budd.

Posted at 10:53 am by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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Nov 27, 2006
Still Missing U

Today is 27th November 2006. It's been exactly 1 year since the late Amy left us. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya. Amin!

Posted at 10:50 pm by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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Nov 22, 2006
1000 FaTh0Ms

It's been a long time I didn't blog, I'm back in Brunei now and I've been kinda busy with work. I considered about quitting blogging but nahh, this is my only place to let out my innermost feelings and opinions, even though my blogging pace might slow down a bit.

This morning I met Amal. Even though we didn't spend much time like we used to before, but I'm glad our bond never change. Whenever I feel down, it cheers me up when she's around. Also chatting with Nabilah and Reenz would make my day. They're friends who understands me in and out. I haven't been going out much lately so chatting with them was all I did. People come and go in my life, but I know they will always be around.

The pain on my back is back and it's really excruciating at times. People say I'm losing weight and I know I've never been on diet or working out especially since Hari Raya. Hmm I dunno, I'm just worried there's something wrong with me. I'm avoiding the weighing scale as I'd better don't know my weight. In denial!

I'll be out of the country again next week! So yea...


Posted at 10:48 pm by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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Nov 15, 2006
DaY 2 & 3

Here's a little bit about my 2nd and 3rd day in Sydney. I went to places like Bondi Beach, Darling Harbour and Paddy's Market, also managed to go for a night photo spree around The Rocks and Opera House. I tell you, its beautiful. Man, three days is not enough, in fact I need at least one week to cover all the main attractions. But no worries, one day I must go there again, perhaps this time with other fellow photographers for an outing.

At last, sampai jua melayu sorang ani menjejakkan kaki ke Sydney after 2x cancel. With a place like Sydney, that Valentine's day trip would have been a hell of a trip. Oh well, the past is the past. Ok I guess that's it folks, I'm kinda tired and I gotta wake up very very early tomorrow for my flight. I'll kick back when I come home.

Posted at 08:49 pm by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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Nov 13, 2006
DowN uNdEr

G'day mate, greetings from Sydney, Australia. Here I am on my first Australian excursion, yes I just bought a camera for a bloody $1800. I guess I'll be eating Nasi Katok with grass for the next few months.

Ok back to Sydney, I just arrived this morning, after sorting out my hotel, went out to get some groceries. Payah bah Australia ani nda dpt bawa makanan unless we declare it to customs, so to save the hastle I'd rather not bring any food. After 2 hours of sleep, the 1st major landmark I visited was none other than The Rocks and Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. I spent most of the day walking around the area, taking photos. Hmm really really nice view mate. The waterfront cafes are a nice place to sit down, sip coffee and enjoy the breeze. Feeding the birds was fun, although I still like the pigeons at London's Trafalgar Square.

Ahh I guess thats all about my first day here, I've got lots to tell plang but I guess I'm really tired now, sorry for my lintang pukang English, yes I am tired...huwaarrghhhhh...

Posted at 11:46 pm by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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Nov 10, 2006
cRy mE 7 oCeAns

Thank God it's Friday, I'm on holiday mood already, can't wait for my trip this sunday, before that I'm gonna get my new SLR camera so I can try out and polish my photography skills on a place like Australia hehehe, at the same time slowly improving my Adobe Photoshop skills. Making vector images is a drug, I'm now compiling some pretty faces as my upcoming projects. I've uploaded some of my works in my MSN Spaces but of course, only orang2nya saja ada access yo. Well, I'm a novice with this hobby actually, and it is an expensive hobby which I hope to make a fortune out of it in the near future. Ka-ching ka-ching!

I woke up late today for work, 3 alarms did not wake me up, perhaps I must have had a wonderful dream which I can't actually remember. Amal called yesterday before her London flight. It seems like ages I didn't talk to her and it was great to talk with her even for a while just to catch up things. I've heard some people talking stuffs about her, but who cares, she's my buddy, whoever she is and whatever she do, she's always my budd!  After all talking shit about people is human nature. Well, paduli tia budd ah hahaha!

Posted at 08:41 am by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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Nov 8, 2006

That excruciating pain on my back is back. Maybe it's because of the Hari Raya food we've been indulging, you know..all those oily cookings, sweets and sodas. Less hydrating and sweating, my 1st gym session was not a good one, thanks to this fucking pain on my body. Ntah lah, kan mati kali me ani.

Speaking about death, my sincere condolences for the family of George.K for his demise last Friday.

Preparations for Sydney trip, ticket is done, visa is done, left with the funds and packing. I can't wait, I just don't wanna stay here in Brunei. I need a break and fresh air, fresh new faces and all.

Posted at 01:58 pm by SiMBaLiCi0uS
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